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Related article: Date: Wed, 18 Preteen Underage Oct 2006 00:54:37 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part EightThis is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual theme. It is totally fictional, but uses the characters from my previous story 'Caribbean Cruise' in the Gay Male/Encounters Section. Some of the sexual acts do not portray safe sex. Just remember to always practice safe sex in REAL life. I hope you enjoy the story.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part EightOur 'quickie' as Charlie had called it had left the three of us satiated for the moment. I had been thoroughly delighted with Charlie's friend Marcie. She was not only gorgeous, but was a wonderful sex partner and had given me a great deal of pleasure in our little warm-up.We had jumped in the pool after our romp to cool off and had just put on robes to prepare dinner. The stimulating exercise left us famished, so while the girls prepared a salad and zapped the baked potatoes in the microwave, I grilled the steaks. We ate the delicious meal on the poolside patio, while chatting about our earlier sexual bonding."I have really enjoyed how Jordan makes love to me," Charlie remarked, "He always puts MY pleasure first, and he sure can make me cum.""I believe it," Marcie responded. "Jordan, you can sure eat pussy. I'm still tingling from that talented tongue of yours."My face turned red at all the compliments, but I wasn't about to contradict them. "Well, when you have two such gorgeous, sexy women, what do you expect? Marcie, I love how you taste. I was only doing what ANY man lucky enough to be in my position would have done.""Well, you can say that" She said, "But, it certainly wasn't the first time I've had my pussy eaten. Now Charlie knows how I like it, but YOU'RE the first man who got to me as much as SHE does. The only thing I'm still wanting, is to feel that cock of yours in there. Charlie has told me how you made HER cum so many times, that I'm jealous. I want to experience what she did.""We've got tonight and all day tomorrow," I said. "I'm sure we can probably find time to have a little more fun.""Ooooo," Charlie giggled, "I told you he was a dirty old man, didn't I. Isn't he wonderful?"The meal was completed with after dinner drinks back in the Great Room...Amaretto on the rocks. The sweet liqueur complimented the fine meal and put us in a mellow mood.We sat on the large in the middle and the girls on each side. I was enjoying the soft kisses that Charlie and Marcie took turns providing and I had an arm around each of them, a firm nipple in each hand. My cock and balls were being gently stroked and fondled by two pair of hands.It wasn't long before I was being sucked by both ladies alternately. The situation was heating up rapidly. I was anxious to get into Marcie's pussy and taste Charlie.Charlie rose up and took Marcie by the hand. "Come with me Girlfriend. Let's get a shower and wash off this chlorine. Jordan...Why don't you give us a few minutes before joining us?" She gave me a wink."Fine," I replied. "I'll use the shower in the other bedroom and join you shortly." I wondered what Charlie had in mind.I hurriedly showered and walked back into the Great Room. The girls shower had stopped and I could hear soft voices coming from the open door, but couldn't make them out. I sat down on the sofa and poured another drink.As I sat there sipping my drink, the sounds from the bedroom had changed...I could hear soft moans which grew louder over the next few minutes.Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I finished my drink and set it down. I walked to the door of my bedroom and peered in. The sight that greeted me made my dick immediately harden.Charlie and Marcie were on the bed in a frenzied tangle of arms and legs as they had their faces buried between each other legs in a hot 69. I stood there fascinated by the sight and sounds as they kissed, licked, and sucked each other's pussy.Marcie raised up and kissed Charlie, their tongues openly touching and dueling. Marcie moved to suckle Charlie's gorgeous tits, taking a nipple between her lips and teasing it with her tongue and teeth."Ooooo...Yesss Baby...Suck them...just like that...Oh Yeah!" Charlie had a hand on the back of Marcie's head forcing more of the succulent mound into her sucking mouth. Marcie Preteen Underage had a couple of fingers buried in Charlie's cunt and was rubbing her clit with her thumb. Charlie's body shuddered as she orgasmed.Marcie was on her hands and knees between Charlie's legs and her cute little bubble butt was sticking up invitingly. I moved silently to the edge of the bed, unobserved by the two women who were totally into their coupling.Marcie moved down to bury her face in Charlie's pussy and her head was moving from side to side as she feasted on the sweet nectar flowing copiously.I crawled onto the bed and raised up on my knees behind Marcie's ass. I could see the puffy lips of her cunt between her legs and I reached out and caressed the outer lips with a finger.Marcie's body jerked from the sudden pleasure and she groaned into Charlie's pussy, speeding up her actions. Charlie's hips were pumping up and down as she approached another climax.She wiggled her sweet little ass as I inserted a finger and probed the inside of her slick tunnel. Her wrinkled rosebud winked as the sensations my finger were producing caused her to clench her pussy down on my finger.I couldn't resist and leaned over to plant a kiss on that delectable hole. When she felt my tongue make contact and circle around the edges, Marcie's head came off of Charlie's pussy and her mouth gaped open."Ahhhhh...Oh, God YESSS...Ooooo...Ooooo...That's so nice Baby...Yesss...Keep doing that!"I not only kept doing it, but I pushed at the entrance and my pointed tongue slipped in, bringing even louder gasps and moans. My finger was embedded in her pussy as far as it would go and my thumb rubbed her swollen clit. Marcie screamed and gushed, her juices coating my finger and chin.My cock was so hard it hurt, so I reluctantly ceased tongue-fucking her asshole and raised up on my knees. I guided my spear to her sopping pussy and drove it in, spreading her outer lips and groaning as my manhood was enveloped by a warm, wet, velvety sheath.Marcie sucked in a deep breath and then let it out in a loud hiss. "Oh...Oh...You're...Mmmmm...Your cock...Ooooo...Yessss...Give me ALL of it...Deeper...Fuck me Jordan...Make me cum again!"I grabbed onto her hips and slammed my hips against her sweet ass, drawing a loud grunt from her lips. Marcie rotated her butt, letting me feel ALL of her tight tunnel. Her inner muscles gripped my cock and squeezed it so tight, I was afraid it was about to be pinched off."Oh Yess, Baby!" I hissed, "God your sweet little pussy is so tight! Mmmmm...I love how your cunt is milking my dick." I plunged in and out of her tunnel, our bodies making a loud wet noise as they met on each stroke.Charlie crawled out from under Marcie and raised up onto her knees, taking Marcie's face in both hands, fusing her lips against the younger girls pliant ones. The kiss intensified as I fucked her faster.Marcie moved her lips down to suckle Charlie's nipples, making her close her eyes and bite her lower lip. She still held Marcie's head in her hands and guided her from one swollen nipple to its twin. "Ummm...Yesss," Charlie groaned through clenched teeth, "That feels so good Baby! I LOVE the feel of your mouth on me."When Marcie started moving down, leaving a wet trail with her tongue, Charlie leaned back from her waist, supporting Preteen Underage her body by putting her hands on the bed behind her. She watched as Marcie licked her pubic bush until the curly hairs were wet from her saliva. When that tongue grazed her protruding clit, Charlie screamed and shuddered through yet another orgasm.We stayed in this position...Me fucking Marcie doggie style, while she continued to feast on the honey pouring out of Charlie's pussy.I knew I couldn't last much longer, so I pulled out before I went too far. Marcie groaned at the sudden emptiness, but I didn't leave her hanging for long.I placed my wet cock in her ass crack and hunched my hips, rubbing it the length of the sexy valley. Every time I went across her hole, her body jerked and she would wiggle her ass. Finally I put it against her Preteen Underage entrance."Mmmmm...Oh Yeah Big Fella," Marcie said in a husky voice, "You know where to put that cock...You KNOW where I want it...Go on...DO IT!" She went back to lapping Charlie's pussy.I gave a push and looked down to see her hole stretch to slowly allow the head of my dick to slide in. I stopped when I had about 2 inches in her, but she pushed her ass back and moaned, wanting more.Since she was wet from her orgasms and from my tongue, I slid on in without stopping until my pubic bush was against her butt. I held still, soaking my throbbing cock in her slick tunnel. I reached around between her legs and found her dripping cunt. Two fingers soon were plunging in and out of her pussy. She clenched her ass and I almost lost it.I slapped her on her gorgeous ass...Playfully and groaned, "Unnnggh...Stop that you little minx! I don't want to cum yet...Not until I've had a chance to fuck your sweet ass." I started fucking her in earnest.She groaned and released her grip on my dick. Charlie was watching the between orgasms Marcie's tongue kept providing."Oooooo...Girlfriend! I KNOW what you're feeling right now. I thought Jordan was gonna split me in two when he rammed that telephone pole up MY ass. GO GIRL...Just don't screw it OFF him...I still want to...Ohhhh...Ooooo...enjoy it now and then. Mmmm...Damn, Marcie...You just made me cum again!"Charlie's urging pushed Marcie over the edge and I felt her juices drench my hand that was still buried in her pussy. This made her start clenching her ass around my dick again and I could hold back any longer."Ohhhh...Baby, Yes...Yes...I'm cumming...I'm cumming...Here it comes sweet Baby...Unnnggh...Unnnggh...Unnnggh!"My white hot cum exploded from my cock, flooding her ass. She wiggled her ass frantically as her head came up and screamed,"Ahhhhhhh...Oh my GOD...You're...You're drowning my ass...I can feel your cum washing my insides...I'm cumming too...Give it to me Jordan...Cum in me...Mmmmm...Mmmmm!"My climax seemed to go on for hours, but finally, I collapsed over her back my cock still buried in her ass and my fingers still rubbing her cunt lips. Her hips jerked as the double sensation sent jolts of pleasure through her body.When we finally fell apart, I lay between my two bed-mates. Charlie and Marcie planted kisses all over my face and mouth, and running their hands over my chest. The three of us fell asleep and didn't awake until the next morning.End Of Part Eight; Part Nine to follow soon. Comments welcome at
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